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Are you bored of your closet & looking for a change but stuck on where to start? Ready for a transformation that will allow you to finally feel the confidence you know you need?  Let us into your home or come to ours & we will start with accessing & editing your current wardrobe, build a foundation & add some easy pieces to swap it up & keep it fresh & exciting to be you every day. Become the best you that you can be & open doors you never knew were closed.

Department store stylists get paid to show you to the items they want to move based on incentives provided by designers or in store initiatives. Our only desire is to find the perfect pieces to make you feel your best & function with your lifestyle at the most efficient price point.  We can bring the clothes to you after our initial consultation or we can pre arrange a private viewing in your favorite store.


Over 50?  Recently divorced, post baby or going thru a major life change?  We promise to upgrade your image & help you to feel better than ever before.  

We will also come into your home to access your wardrobe, edit what isn't working, organize what is & suggest pieces to fit your lifestyle.  We can be hired by the hour with a minimum of 2 hours based on location or by the project depending on your needs.

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